Norsk Omega-3 AS

Norsk Omega-3 AS is a world leading brand of concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids. Using only clean, sustainable, and traceable raw materials, delivers safe and pure condition-specific Omega-3 formulas that are scientifically proven in numerous clinical studies over the past two decades. The FMC’s commitment to Norsk Omega-3 AS ” Purity, Quality, Innovation™ ” guarantees that brand owners and healthy consumers get the best Omega-3 EPA/DHA ingredients on the market.

Popular Products


Omega-3, Healthy for Brain


Norwegian Omega-3  EYE, has a high content of DHA and is specifically formulated to support eye health in aged people. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is the raw material used to make the protective compounds that prevent retinal cell damage (protecting the retina and helps prevent damage to the retinal cell compounds) .

EYE is additionally added Zeaxanthin and Lutein is to help keep your eyes healthy by maintaining a good visual function.


Contains Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that is essential for the body and is a natural building block of all our cells .


NORWEGIAN Omega-3 Ledd, is extracted from the ocean depths and specially formulated to keep joints flexible as we get older. This is important to maintain good quality of life.

Ledd has a high content of EPA to contribute to healthy joints and ligaments. In addition, Ledd added ginger to provide nutritional support for joints.


NORWEGIAN Omega-3 CHILDREN in chewable tablets with fruit flavor is specially formulated to help give your child the best start in life. The first year of the child’s life are a critical period for child development of the child’s brain and eyes. Our product contains EPA fatty acids and a particularly high level of DHA fatty acids that help give children healthy development and good health. (Heart, immune system , blood vessels and visual function) .

It is important that your child ingests tillstrekkelig with various nutrients and especially Omega-3 fatty acids because the body can not produce these itself. Our product is recovered from the ocean depths and have high concentrations of pure Omega-3 .

Norsk Omega-3 AS History

With its roots in Norway, Norsk Omega-3 AS has been manufacturing and developing marine-based omega-3 fatty acids.  As initially Norwegian–based, Norsk Omega-3 AS has long been dependent on the sea and, as a result, there is an ingrained respect for the life it holds and the many livelihoods its waters provide. The history being closely tied to the sea has created an unmatched passion for all things marine for the Norsk Omega-3 AS brand.

For Norsk Omega-3 AS, the world-class reputation stems from a long history in Omega-3 research, development and production. There are two main paths and it all began in Bergen, Norway.

The present FMC Omega-3 processing operation in Ålesund has its roots back to three former fish oil producers and exporters in that area.

Base on New technologies, new distillation processes and expertise with marine products. were among the first to use molecular distillation for fatty acid separation and concentration of marine oils. This long history combined with several more recent major investments in processing, capacity and quality systems have contributed to the position Norsk Omega-3 AS a leading brand and supplier of high-quality, well-documented EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty concentrates for the Global market.

This chapter provided the Norsk Omega-3 AS with a wider operational area that would include Omega-3 based pharmaceutical ingredients, new technologies and expanded capacity.

The latest evolution in the story is the acquisition of Norsk Omega-3 AS by US-based FMC Corporation. The acquisition of Norsk Omega-3 AS was an important step and marks FMC’s entry into the fast-growing nutraceuticals market. Norsk Omega-3 AS is now considered a brand in the FMC Health and Nutrition portfolio. FMC is an ambitious specialty chemical company with a long-term view on the industry and is sharing the same high-quality values as Norsk Omega-3 AS. This will bring Norsk Omega-3 AS resources and dedication to further expansion and growth. With a strategic partnership in place that guarantees a long-term supply source, the ongoing commitment to quality control from sea to finished ingredient for maximum product safety and traceability remains unchanged.

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